Clearview: The Broker Dealer

  • Institutional equity and option sales and trading in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

  • Providing superior order executions.

  • 25 years of merger arbitrage/special analysis and trading expertise.

  • Experiencedtechnical analysts.

  • Market intelligence.

  • Corporate Finance.

  • High yield/distressed sales and trading.

Clearview: Trading

  • Stocks: Bloomberg Execution Platform, includes [Algo’s Sigma X Dark Pool, Interval Client Crosses Spread Trader].

  • Bonds: High yield/distressed (domestic and otherwise)/emerging markets/sovereign.

  • Options: Clearview Trading Advisors employs a Senior Options Principal Trader who has the experience and expertise to execute your options contracts to your needs and satisfaction. To request an Options Disclosure Document, please call our trading desk at (646)747-5217.

  • Dedicated Order Communication Systems: Fixed Line Communication, includes Charles River, LiquidityBook, Bloomberg

  • Electronic Communication: E-Mail, Bloomberg.

  • MSRB member (Municipal License Bond).

  • to request a copy of quarterly report on order routing [sec rule 606]  please contact  : info@clearviewtrading.com

During The Trade

  • Executions completed through bloomberg tradebook.

  • Ability to execute market, limit, stop, not held, and workable orders.

  • Algorithmic trading available.

  • Ability to execute various option algorithms and access to floor trading when needed.

Port Trading Procedures

  • Verbal and/or Electronic trade reports directly from the trading desk of Clearview Trading.

  • DVP/RVP settlement

  • Trade Allocations and confirmations through Omgeo’s OASYS and CTM platforms.


  • Registrations: SEC (8-67501) FINRA (CRD142873).

  • All customer transactions cleared through Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated (“Merrill Lynch”) execution and trading.

Clearview: The People

  • Equity Trading: Gregg Ettin, Michael Mooney, Michael Garber, Billy Clark, and Patrick Garry (Options).

  • Equity Sales: Marc Roberts, Reid Bloom, and John Luppo

  • Fixed Income Sales and Trading: John Dixon, Jeff Hall, Richard Brewster, and Bill Bauer

  • Convertible Bonds : Michael Fee

  • Fixed Income Research: Joe Phillips and Rick Snyder

  • Compliance: Gregg Ettin and Richard Brewster.

  • Banking: Michael Weitzner

  • Technical Analyst: Jeff Weiss.

Why Trade With Clearview

  • Proprietary research.

  • Morning notes and market thoughts from your coverage.

  • Spread analysis on merger arbitrage opportunities and spread/pairs trading.

  • Customized option Strategies to capitalize on opportunities.

  • Technical Consulting.

  • Personalized, high touch, thorough, experienced professionals.

  • Dedicated seasoned sales/traders.

Actionable Ideas

  • Desk Information & Stock Flow.

  • Event Driven, Merger Arbitrage.

  • Green/Sustainability.

  • Relevant Correlated Cross Market Trading.


  • Patrick Garry is the Firm’s Senior Registered Option Principle Manager. He is a 20 year option veteran as a specialist/market on the AMEX, and as a sell side Firm’s Senior Registered Option Principle Manager.